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  • Picking the Right Solution for Learning and Performance with Judy Katz, MBA, M.Ed. - Professional Development Lunch & Learn Web Event

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Picking the Right Solution for Learning and Performance with Judy Katz, MBA, M.Ed. - Professional Development Lunch & Learn Web Event

  • 24 Apr 2014
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Online
  • 30


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Picking the Right Solution for

Learning and Performance

Professional Development Web Event 


Judy Katz, MBA, M.Ed.

Learning Ninja

Senior Instructional Designer at NIKE, Inc.

If you have a plumbing problem that requires a wrench to solve, banging with a hammer (even banging really hard with a well-designed hammer) will only do so much good... and it might even make the problem worse.

Stakeholders often come to us saying that they need an elearning course or an instructor-led course; they may even dictate the duration. And they may not be receptive to our attempts at analysis or our suggestions for alternatives. As learning and performance professionals, we may also be the most familiar with “courses” as solutions, as well; but as designers, we’re responsible for becoming aware of the many kinds of interventions that may be able to address our learners’ needs.

In this webinar, we will discuss the following:

- which solutions are best when performance is absolutely critical

- which solutions are best cost is the primary driver

- which solutions lend themselves best to mobile learning

- which factors to take into consideration when choosing a learning and performance solution

- how to “sell” your clients, stakeholders, and business partners on choosing an effective solution

Judy Katz makes stuff that helps people learn. She is a Learning Ninja, the Senior Instructional designer for NIKE, Inc., and an instructor of instructional design strategy at Portland State University.

She is a frequent speaker and writer for local and national organizations, including ASTD, the eLearning Guild, and eLearn Magazine, she blogs about the intersection of learning, design, and technology at http://onehundredfortywords.com, and she tweets at @learnkatz.

Judy has worked in the field of learning and development since 1997. She has a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Texas, an MBA from Baker University, and an M.Ed. in instructional design with a focus on workplace learning from the University of Massachusetts-Boston.

Speaking History (summary):

Keynote for NLTAPA Conference 2013

Keynotes for LEAP Ahead Conference, 2012-2013

ASTD TechKnowledge, 2011-2014

eLearning Guild DevLearn, 2011-2013

eLearning Guild Learning Solutions, 2011-2012

mLearning DevCon, 2011

Online and local events for ASTD chapters and other organizations worldwide