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We Appreciate Our Volunteers

Volunteer with the Chapter

Flex your Superpowers and become an ATD Volunteer today!

  • Read the page to get some ideas about how you can help
  • Fill out the short volunteer form
  • You do not need to volunteer for a specific position
  • Someone will be in touch with you about how you can help your chapter
  • Scroll to the bottom for a list of all open positions
  • Attend a Volunteer Experience conference call. Check the events calendar for information.

Take the Volunteer Onboarding Course

Volunteer Opportunities

There are a lot of different ways you can get involved with the chapter. Review the sections below to get a better idea of what you can do if you are interested in volunteering.

Leadership Roles

Serve on the Executive Board or the Board of Directors

  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Manage a team
  • Work toward a common goal
  • Grow professionally
  • Collaborate with other leaders
  • Make chapter strategic decisions


Engage with members through Member Services

  • Conduct member orientation
  • Recruit from colleges organizations 
  • Work with the mentorship program
  • Help engage and direct volunteers


Discover the joy of having a truly great idea for an event!

  • Collaborate to develop event ideas
  • Solicit speakers for events
  • Find venues in which to hold events
  • Order food, set up, clean up, registration, and engage with membership before, during and after events


Things needed to keep the chapter running smoothly.

  • Your financial expertise
  • Keeping the website up-to-date
  • Send out surveys or emails
  • Posting on Social Media


Strategic Partnerships and Community Relations focus on mutual benefits.

  • Coordinate with connections at universities and organizations
  • Share resources with similar professional organizations

 Open Volunteer Positions

You must be a current chapter member to volunteer.

Fill out the Form

Position Title Description 

Marketing Intern Assists the VP of Marketing with all aspects of the position. Attempts to learn about the duties involved in marketing for a non-profit organization including but not limited to: daily requirements of the marketing person, system involved in marketing and communications and their importance, events and how marketing them is unique, and restrictions and limitations due to a small operational budget.
Event Creation Director Assist all users with the creation of new events and ensure that all related emails, webinar calls, location information, follow up instructions, etc. are accurately communicated to the registrants. Must make sure keynote speakers are included in all marketing for public events.
Project Coordinator Coordinate events being planned across all channels (programming, Prof Dev, CoP) and help determine the marketing needs for each as far as timeline, detail, strategy, social media, etc.
Newsletter Chair  Undertakes the monthly publishing of the newsletter to include accumulating all information to be included by the specified deadline, coordinating graphics and images to enhance the information, writing content to convey and interest members in the events and organizing the information in a pleasing format. Also ensuring that sponsors are represented according to their respecting sponsor agreements.
Graphic Designer   Takes on assignments as necessary. Works with VP's and Directors to produce graphics that enhance event publications.
Director of ACE Work closely with VP of Special Events to plan and execute the ACE Conference.
VP or Associate VP of COP's Plan events in all categories of CoP's.  Work with existing volunteer team and VP of Programming to brain-storm ideas for communities of practice events.  Review speaker submissions and vet them for quality. Decide which will best benefit the chapter.  Find locations for in-person events or moderate virtual events, order food, handle registrations, check-ins, and other details.

Special Events Intern  If possible assist the VP of Special Events through the execution of one entire event cycle. Attempt to learn about event planning and project management as applies to event planning. Shadow the VP through venue and speaker selection, the daily aspects of planning the event, leading meetings, communicating with sponsors, recruiting volunteers, technological requirements, planning marketing, adhering to budget requirements, planning the day of event and running the show.
Speaker Committee Chair Lead the committee that will receive and review all applications to speak at the ACE conference. Review applications and determine which best suit the theme of the conference and are the most appropriate for the year in question. Send out acceptance and Sorry letters.
Sponsors Chair  Work to ensure sponsor needs are met. Become familiar with sponsor packages and help determine reasonable deadlines for deliverables that must be received by ATD and communicate them to the sponsors. Help coordinate between sponsors and ACE Leadership.
Marketing Chair  Work with the VP of Marketing and ACE Leadership to develop a marketing plan for the conference. Execute the plan including social media, email, website, and any other outlet that will encourage attendance.
Raffle/Prizes Chair  Solicit prizes to be raffled off or given away at the conference. Prizes may be L&D related or may be small token gifts.
Volunteers Chair   Recruit and organize volunteers for the ACE conference. Help determine volunteer needs for the day of running of the "show". Coordinate volunteer roles, check-in arrivals and determine duties as needed on day-of. Handle emergency contingencies and coordinate with other leadership during the day-of activities. Arrive early and stay until the end to assist with clean up. Attend all planning meetings.
Technology Chair Assist ACE leadership with the technological needs of running a conference. Duties to include but not limited to updating the website, creating some marketing materials, attending the day-of and assisting with on-site needs.
Registration Chair  Registration has two parts: first is the website set up for electronic registration, second is the on-site check-in of attendees at the venue. These two can be split into two roles. First, work with the technical side to set up registration fee types and codes and handle issues and special requests. Second, print badges and organize list of attendees for a smooth check-in process.
Community Collaboration Director  Responsible for reaching out to organizations in the community to seek ways that ATD can engage and enrich our outreach.
Atlanta Habitat for Humanities Director Engages directly with Habitat 4 Humanities and either personally teaches computer classes or coordinates who will be teaching the monthly computer classes to new homeowners.
CoP/Programming Support I Assist the Director with information gathering about potential projects. Update information in Trello and perform a variety of support tasks as needed. This would be an on-going support role of about 4 hour per month.
CoP/Programming Support II Takes on work to prepare for a particular event. 1-2 hours of preparation and 1.5 hours at the actual event. This would per event.

Volunteer of the Month

Great volunteers are essential to making the chapter function. Each month the best of the best is selected by the Executive board for the above and beyond efforts each has exhibited. It is to be noted that many of these has gone on to roles on the board and beyond. Keep up the good work ATDers!

2022 Volunteers of the Month 

 Month Volunteer Month Volunteer
 JanuaryJasmine Morgan July Shakira Isom 
February Jill Ford Forest August Kristin Wagner 
March Gregory Gibbs September Nicole Ghosten 
April Kathleen Gay October Jennifer Bosworth 
 MayTeena Lewis  NovemberProvita Mungin 
 June Julie Brown DecemberZach Hudson 

2021 Volunteers of the Month

 Month Volunteer  Month  Volunteer 
 January Margie DeBrouxJuly Aileen Galazin
 February Polly ThombleyAugust  Daphne Evans
 March Tish NormanSeptember  Margarette Eves
April  Lewis BondOctober  Noelle Allen
May  Atiya HasanNovember  Rhonda Carr
June  Chuck HallDecember  Julie Chahboune

2020 Volunteers of the Month

 MonthVolunteer Month Volunteer 
 January Juanita McDowellJulyStephanie Smith 
 FebruaryRose Zurawski August Emma Nickles 
 MarchJoumelide Pierre September Cynthia Jenkins 
April Chris Rogers October Stacey Payne 
May none November Deborah Covin Wilson 
June Shermaine Perry December Esther Matthews 

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