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L&D CoP: Webinar - Leadership Essentials: Leading Self, Teams and Organizations

  • 28 May 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom Webinar - Link to be forwarded with registration


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Leadership Essentials: Leading Self, Leading Teams and Leading Organizations

When it comes to achieving business success, especially in an ever-changing and highly competitive environment, effective and influential leadership becomes an organization’s strategic imperative. Effective leadership can help an organization maximize productivity, performance, and achieve business goals resulting in business sustainability.

Leadership required for success is one that does not need position or coercion to exert influence. It’s a leadership that is not self-serving but considers the greater good and extracts value from its workforce through positive employee engagement. 

The workshop will provide participants with tools and skills that enhance their leadership skills and help them manage their operations and teams more effectively. This will be accomplished by discussing a leadership model that addresses three levels of leadership: leading self, leading others (teams) and leading the organization. At each level, essential and relevant character traits, tools, and skill sets appropriate for that leadership level will be discussed.


  • Understand the importance of leadership
  • Learn how to consciously lead-self
  • Learn principles that help lead and inspire teams

About Your Facilitator:

Dr. Mary Ritz, Leader, Speaker, Facilitator, and Consultant

A dynamic leader, speaker, facilitator, and consultant with repeated success guiding strategy development, business performance improvement, and team building for customer-centric operations in industry sectors that have included financial services, communications, retail, hospitality, and consulting. 

Expert international facilitator, trainer, speaker and communicator, who is able to bring energy, enthusiasm and humor to motivate team members to achieve potential and meet objectives. A highly-organized manager and coach, who quickly assesses needs and provides tools to resolve difficulties, enhance learning and improve performance. 

Easily build rapport with individuals from diverse cultures and able to forge productive relationships at all levels. Proven achievements in start-up, expanding, and well-established environments. Strong international experience includes significant work in the US, Canada and several countries in Africa. Decisive leader and facilitator with an entrepreneurial spirit, a global perspective, and an exceptional work ethic. 


Program Starts: 12:00 PM (EDT)

Program Ends: 1:00 PM (EDT)