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  • Learning & Development COP - Adaptive Learning: Unleashing the Holy Grail of Deep Learning Measurement (ICE Preview Workshop) Partner Workshop with ATD New York City

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Learning & Development COP - Adaptive Learning: Unleashing the Holy Grail of Deep Learning Measurement (ICE Preview Workshop) Partner Workshop with ATD New York City

  • 29 Jun 2016
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Webinar


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Please join ATD Greater Atlanta and New York Chapters for an exciting webinar highlighting the newest innovation around instructional design, learning technologies and the true value of learning metrics.

The holy grail of corporate training is achieving detailed and credible learning measurement, coupled with an engaging and highly effective learning experience. In order to achieve this, you need to revisit your approach to creating content. Adaptive learning uses sound instructional design principles, coupled with emerging technological innovations, to achieve a new level of training sophistication.

Adaptive learning is a methodology that intelligently adapts the learning experience to each individual learner, based on the learner's actions, decisions, abilities, and even other external factors. The result is more engaging, effective, and efficient training and reduced cost through a decrease in time for training for the organization. More important, the dynamic branching nature highlights the critical differences between learners, achieving deep data and enabling truly informed business decision making.

This session will explain true adaptive learning and how to leverage this methodology to optimize your training engagement, effectiveness, and deep learning measurement within your organization. The speaker will discuss two advanced case studies that utilize adaptive learning in healthcare and finance.

Glenn will also discuss the emerging role of the learning architect and the importance this role will have in the future. This is a session for anyone with an interest in the future of learning design.

Application on the Job:
Apply the principles of adaptive learning to create highly effective and cognitively engaging training content.
Understand the key to achieving deep learning data and the shortcomings in shallow measurement techniques to ensure common pitfalls are avoided.
Discover true adaptive learning, including why it is a crucial component in the next generation of training.
Communicate the abilities of better training design to business stakeholders.
Tracks: Learning Technologies
Learning Approaches: Innovation/Trend
Event Topics: Innovation
Target Audiences: Internal Practitioner

Speaker Info:

Glenn Bull is the founder and CEO of Skilitics, the creators of the world’s first enterprise training development platform designed for integrated learning measurement. The Skilitics platform is fast gaining attention globally for its disruptive and innovative approach to training design and measurement.

Glenn is the visionary behind this cloud-based solution and spearheads the company’s global strategy. He is also the editor of TheNewID.com training comic. He is one of six members of the eLearning Guild Academy’s Advisory Council.