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  • "You're A Rock Star Trainer!" Bootcamp - Full Day Professional Development Workshop

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"You're A Rock Star Trainer!" Bootcamp - Full Day Professional Development Workshop

  • 08 Oct 2014
  • 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
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"You're A Rock Star Trainer!"

Boot Camp

Full Day Professional Development Workshop


You know you’re a good trainer, speaker or manager - you hear that on a regular basis and your evaluation sheets confirm it. More than that, you’ve been brought back to the same company more than once - or you’re the manager at your company that gets the most calls to do the more important training sessions. You’re happy you’re definitely above average. Yet, you’re dream isn’t to be really good - you want to bring the house down!

If you’re a trainer, speaker or manager, you’re going to love our NEW Rock Star Trainer Boot Camp. Why?  Because this is your chance to experience a Rock Star Trainer up close who will give you a roadmap and the tools and techniques that will catapult you to Rock Star status. JoAnn Corley has travelled North America rocking corporate America and the non-profit world with her ability to engage and energize workshop participants.

In July, JoAnn was the keynote speaker for HR Stars and because of her Rock Star performance, she was immediately booked to keynote the Atlanta HR Stars Conference in Atlanta this September. JoAnn will coach you how to keep your training participants on the edges of their seats figuratively and literally. She will unlock the secrets to connecting with and engaging even the most reserved and reluctant and how to do it in a way that works for you.

Big promises, we know. And at the end of the day, you will know why we are making them. JoAnn delivers like no one else. She will give you a tool box of strategies, tools and techniques that capitalize on whole brain learning and adult learning best practices. However, here’s JoAnn’s secret sauce in training Rock Star Trainers:  JoAnn will teach and coach you on how to tap into your intuitive power house that allows you to be yourself, be in the moment and how to connect quickly and deeply with your participants. She will give you  proven techniques, tools and strategies so you can lead and train from your strengths, talent and passion.  JoAnn hasn’t earned her reputation by telling others to copy her. She is a master at helping you to unlock the energy inside you that will rock the training room -- in your own way.

How will she do that? With your help of course. JoAnn’s trainings are highly interactive - she will coach you on how to bring out your Inner Rock Star Trainer as you experiment with and learn what fits you and what doesn’t.


About JoAnn Corley, Master Rock Star Trainer:

JoAnn Corley is the President of The Human Sphere, a consulting and training firm and has coached and trained hundreds of trainers, speakers and managers, skyrocketing their training, speaking and communicating skills.

JoAnn is the author of four books: Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed, How to Manage Your Time, Space, & Priorities to Work Smart, Get Results, & Be Happy, Wisdom@Work and The 1% Edge – Power Strategies to Increase Your Management Effectiveness. She is also contributing author to the book, Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Success, a collaborative effort with some of the top female motivational speakers in North American and hailed by Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame as a must read.

The companies and organizations JoAnn has worked with are impressive. Examples include:  The City of Chicago, Microsoft, Conference Board - Toronto, Randstad Corporation, 3M Corporation, Trump Enterprises, Lockheed Martin, Rayovac Corporation, University of Central Texas, the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, Johns Hopkins, the U.S. Army, Fort Hood, TX, U.S. Marshals Service, The University of Iowa, The City of Kissimmee, Florida, The University of Texas, McAllen, ESPN, Northrump Grumman, Duke University, The Chicago White Soxs, NALCO, NASA, The Yale Club of New York City

Take a peek at one of JoAnn’s rockstar performances here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YosUY92q01E&list=UUtDQBHSnETZ5FIvThbx5oBA



What Does It Take to be a Rock Star Trainer? You Have To…

  • Learn how to let your Inner Rock Star Trainer come out to play
  • Be who you are and let yourself shine in your own way
  • Understand key principles of whole brain learning and up to date adult learning best practices
  • Have the ability, confidence and tools, techniques and strategies to pull people in and tap into their passion to learn, grow and transform
  • Connect with, unleash and guide the energy in the room to suit what you need to happen in the moment 

JoAnn Corley, Master Rock Star Trainer knows how to take YOU to that level. In one fun and highly interactive day, JoAnn Corley, President of The Human Sphere, will give you a clear roadmap and the exact tools you need to take your training skills far beyond what you can imagine. JoAnn will be modeling and giving you, step by step, the strategies, attitude and tools you need to pull people in, amaze them and have them learning in a whole new way.


Who Should Attend?

You are invited…if you are a trainer, speaker, seminar and workshop leader or manager and if you want to learn how to captivate, engage, inspire and train on a whole new level.

Main Objectives:

●    Be the trainer that gets asked back again and again

●    Increase retention by using the latest adult learning models, strategies and tactics

●    Get a suite of techniques and tools for your Rock Star Trainer’s Toolkit

●    Learn how to stay fresh, energized and running on a “full tank.”

●    Discover how to use the latest in learning games, panels, role-playing and other activities in your sessionsundefinedmake them come alive!

●    Exude professionalism and power with even your most difficult participants and tough training sessions. Never feel at a loss or out of control againundefinedFeel like the Rock Star Trainer you are!

●    Develop solid, content-infused programs that meet and exceed training objectives

●    Tap into your inner creativity and “Innovation Genie” and learn a framework to teach others in your organization how to tap into theirs.



TOP 10 Most Important Benefits:

10.  Deliver training that is highly interactive, fun and driven to achieve learning objectives

9.   Have “Rock Star” confidence in your unique delivery style and presentation skills

8.   Unleash your creative energy in design and  delivery

7.    Know how to turn “challenging” participants into engaged participants 

6.   Design your training formats to meet and exceed your objectives

5.   Discover keys to designing training that enables participants to transfer their new knowledge and  skills to their work environment

4.   Begin to master adult learning styles and learning modalities and how to use them like a Rock Star Trainer

3.   Obtain and understand practical learning aids in design & delivery to increase retention long after you leave

2.   Gain more engagement from your delivery/topics

1.   Awaken and unleash your Inner Rock Star Trainer and watch your workshop participants come alive, learn and implement the content of your training when they go back to their work environment



Cancellation Policy:  If cancellation should become necessary, ASTD Atlanta's receipt of written or email notification is required ten (10) calendar days prior to the workshop. You may receive a full refund up to and including the 10th calendar day before the workshop. If you find that you cannot attend and it is less than ten (10) calendar days before the workshop, you may send a replacement with written or email notice to ASTD Atlanta. If you are unable to send a replacement, you will forfeit your registration fee.