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The Converging Way - Honoring Women History Month

11 Mar 2021 8:21 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Author: Converging Solutions

In today’s current economic and political climate, it is important to fight the polarization of thought that is too easy to find on so many of our social media platforms. It’s too easy to begin expecting others to see the world the way we do among our Facebook friends that share similar information feeds to our own. At our company, Converging Solutions, one way we choose to fight this polarization is to practice looking at the world in different ways through the things we share.

And as we do so, we make a conscious effort to bring good things together… in a

“Converging Way”! So in honor of February as Black History Month and March as Women's History Month we decided to recognize a person in our latest newsletter that frequently rises to the top of the list in both February and March festivities.

There are few women that deserve this honor as much as Harriet Tubman. The more you learn about Harriet Tubman, the more you'll want to learn! You probably already recognize her as the leader most famous for smuggling slaves from the South via the Underground Railroad, but did you know that she also holds the distinction as the first woman in U.S. history to plan and lead a military operation? Here are two places you can learn more about this fascinating African-American woman and freedom fighter!

  1. Harriet has our vote as one of the best movies of 2019. The movie does a great job of demonstrating the power of a Converging Solution, by powerfully communicating the intersection between Harriet's personal desire for change, her deep faith, and her sacrificial determination to help others achieve the freedom she herself found! Check out the three minute trailer here, and it's sure to be on your March must-see movie list!
  2. And if you've already seen the movie Harriet, you can learn several additional facts at that you probably didn't know.

And if you want to learn more about Converging Solutions and how we can bring good things together for your organization, you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter, check out our website or latest blogs on a range of topics from Leadership to Instructional Design to Development Tech Tips!

Robb Bingham has been Learning Strategist and CEO of Converging Solutions for 15 years and served on the boards of three different local ATD chapters during that time, including serving as our ATD Greater Atlanta Chapter President in 2017.

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