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Event Details

ASTD Atlanta Conference & Expo (ACE) 2014

  • 05 Aug 2014
  • 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Marriott Atlanta NW, 200 Interstate North Parkway, Atlanta, Georgia 30339
  • 49

Innovation–The Competitive Edge


Are You Ready and Able to Upgrade Your Competencies?


August 5, 2014 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Marriott NW on Interstate Blvd
Atlanta, GA

INNOVATION is the theme for this year’s Atlanta Conference & Expo (ACE). Don’t miss out on this opportunity to attend this conference developed for Workplace Learning Professionals at all levels!


Dynamic Keynote Speakers


Opening Keynote


Bill Treasurer Chief Encouragement Officer,
Giant Leap Consulting



Bill Treasurer will share his leadership concepts in the opening keynote address Open Doors of Opportunity for Others. Drawing on the concepts introduced in the new book Leaders Open Doors, leadership expert Bill Treasurer shows how leaders help people and organizations grow by creating meaningful learning opportunities. For more information about Bill click here.


Lunch Keynote


Jeanne Meister    

Founding Partner,

Future Workplace LLC



Jeanne Meister will provide insights about how companies might harness the potential of innovation in her keynote address Imagination to Innovation: Thriving in the 2020 Workplace. Applied creativity is the key to innovation. We can’t be innovative – as individuals or as organizations – if we don’t allow ourselves to think differently, question our assumptions and take calculated risks. If your organization wants to be more innovative, you need to recognize and develop creative talent in your people. For more information about Jeanne click here.


Conference Agenda


8:00 AM                        On-site Registration begins

9:00 AM                        Conference Welcome and Opening 

                        Opening Keynote Address - Bill Treasurer

10:0010:30 AM            Expo and Book Signing by Bill Treasurer

10:4011:40 AM            Concurrent Sessions

11:50–12:50 PM             Lunch 

                                    Keynote Lunch Address - Jeanne Meister

1:00–2:00 PM                Concurrent Sessions

2:10–2:30 PM                Sponsor Expo/Afternoon Break

2:40–3:40 PM                Concurrent Sessions

3:50–4:30 PM                Raffle, Silent Auction, Closing Comments


Concurrent Session Speakers and Topics


This year we have four tracks within the concurrent sessions to bring you additional learning and value!


 Speaker Learning Technologies

Tim Slade

Artisan E-Learning

Screen Recording: Storyline vs. Replay vs. Captivate vs. Camtasia

In today's world of e-learning authoring tools, there are countless options for screen recording software. Some are quick and easy to use, some offer advanced editing tools, and others offer options for adding interactivity. What you decide to use depends on how quickly you want to produce the recording, your skill level, and desired editing options. In this session, Tim Slade will share a comparison of some of the most popular screen recording software available on the market today.


Nick Elkins

Artisan E-Learning

E-Learning Authoring Tools Comparison

The e-learning authoring tool landscape is constantly changing with the release of new tools, major releases to existing tools, the move to mobile publishing, and the launch of Tin Can API (incorporating and taking SCORM to the next level). In this presentation, you will get a quick overview of some of the most popular authoring tools on the market: Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, and Articulate Studio. You'll get a quick look at how each one operates, the relative advantages and disadvantages, and changes to look for in the coming year.

Tim Slade

Artisan E-Learning

25 Things You Didn’t Know PowerPoint Could Do


Even though Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most ubiquitous software packages in the training world, many learning professionals merely scratch the surface of its capabilities. In this fast-paced session, featuring PowerPoint live, you’ll uncover some of the best features for customizing the look of slides, engaging your audience, and saving you time. Whether you present in the classroom, convert PowerPoint slides to eLearning, or use PowerPoint for graphics to put in another authoring tool, this session will help you take your designs to the next level. We’ll move way past bullets flying in from the left and the right that was the height of fashion in…1997. Instead, you’ll learn to create graphics, animations, presentations, and courses that people won’t believe you did in PowerPoint. Plus, you’ll learn little-known shortcuts that will save you time in getting these great effects.

Speaker  Performance Improvement/Consulting

Adair Cates

Concentra – Humana


Engage the Brain to Improve Performance: The Neuroscience of Performance Improvement


The conversations and interactions you have on a daily basis have the power to improve or impede performance, both yours and others. To achieve sustained performance improvement, you must address the thinking that drives behaviors. In this session, you will learn how to engage the brain to improve performance and facilitate positive change by clearing the mind, diminishing threat and asking thinking questions. You will explore how your behaviors, both conscious and unconscious, are potentially impeding performance, and experience the difference between a brain-based and non-brain based conversation. You will walk away with your own plan to incorporate neuroscience into your life and to transform the quality and decrease the duration of your conversations. Come ready to experience and accomplish using your brain to improve performance. Takeaways include:

* Clearing the Space/Engaging the Brain tool 

* SCARF model (David Rock) tool 

* Thinking Questions Document 

* Personalized Neuroscience-based plan to engage the brain.

Karla Brandau

Workplace Power Institute

Fire Up Performance with Creativity and Innovation

In the 21st century, creative thinking is a survival skill. The world keeps changing, and to succeed, individuals in organizations must be innovative and constantly adapt to change. Innovation is the creation of more effective individual competencies that result in improved company products and services while pushing employee performance to new levels. Creativity is the catalyst for innovation. Attend this program and experience eight solid creativity principles complete with tips on how to use them to improve individual performance, get solid ideas from meetings and brainstorming sessions, and advance real solutions to every-day problems. Your thinking will be transformed and you will be enabled to see a plethora of solutions to every challenge you encounter. By using the principles taught, you will become a creative thinker and will secure for yourself a competitive advantage in the organization as the “go-to” person when the rubber hits the road and answers are needed. Participants will receive a link to 8 phenomenal creativity tools with ideas on how to use them to generate ideas, stimulate out-of-the-box thinking,
and innovate.


David Ryback
EQ Associates International

More Effective Innovation with Emotional Intelligence

In this highly interactive experience, we'll illustrate the 4 basic components of emotional intelligence in making innovations steamroll their way across the entire economy, sometimes referred to as Dragon-Kings, e.g., smartphones. We'll discover that what drives successful innovation are the organic, invisible needs at the emotional limbic center in our brains--these 3 universal needs are 1) to be more appreciated and respected by others, 2) to be healthier and more youthful-looking, and 3) to be richer over the years. We'll learn how to create effective teams of innovators by defining the team's goals primary purpose, and we'll map out how the innovative teamwork fits into the overall scheme of things. We'll explore the need to foster a distinct presence with our innovations rather than to compete head to head with existing products already in the marketplace. Finally, we'll look at the winning qualities of successful innovators - 1) decisive change-maker, 2) action-oriented, 3) assured integrity, 4) focused on a deep study of the market, 5) demonstrated irrational loyalty to goals, and 6) a willingness to fight through barriers. At the end of the session, you'll never look at innovation the
same way.

Speaker Managing Learning Programs

Crystal Kadakia

Career Indulgence

Taking a Page from the Gen Y Book: How to Learn in a Fast-Paced, Technology World


Do you find yourself either frustrated or in awe of that 25 year-old who handles their smart phone with ease or picks up a new software program in a day? Leveraging innovation to develop your competencies can be a cinch if you become more agile to the learning methods that are ingrained in youth today. This session will enable you to become a digital native by teaching you the framework behind learning technology and how to adapt the right learning style for the situation. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!


Wayne Coleman

Open Wide and Say "Ahhhh!"

How does your learning department stack up when it comes to operating at its full potential? If you feel yourself running on empty and not able to keep up with monitoring performance or in general not fulfilling the organization’s needs, then it’s time for an audit! In this hands-on session, you’ll have the opportunity to work alone and with others to audit and benchmark your training function in ten key areas. Whether your training function is strategic or reactive (and wants to be more strategic), it is helpful to clarify and identify how your function is operating. First consider which of the ten key areas apply in your organization. Then, identify the stage of development at which your function is operating in the applicable areas. Finally, decide specific activities to move your function to the next level. This “self exam” will get you operating at full potential so that you can be the performance consultant that your organization needs.

Tina Woodard
Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia

Growing Your Own: Strategic Talent Development


Given the shortage of global talent and limited learning program budgets, learning and development managers must optimize cost, enhance benefits, and formulate new learning and development solutions. Participants in this session will examine current organization challenges and the biggest mistakes learning professionals make when implementing effective learning strategies. Participants will understand how to strategically establish the learning function as a center of excellence to foster organizational expertise needed to maximize employee effectiveness
and efficiency.


 Speaker  Training Design and Development

Todd Wilmore
Central Michigan University

 Game Camp–How to “gamify” learning

Adults of all ages play or have played any number of games. We enjoy simple games of luck and complex games of design and collaboration. A growing body of research indicates that games work in reinforcing learning if they trigger real emotions and are compelling and immersive. “Gamification” is a term describing how we can use game mechanics in marketing, business, and yes, learning. It is a method we can use to create in learners a desire to explore and collaborate. We can add elements of surprise and interest that are difficult in traditional formats. And we can do it while achieving our learning objectives and making learners want to engage in class. Click here to watch a short video regarding this session.






 Gail Heidenhain

Accelerated Learning - Impact by Design


In this practical and interactive session, you will discover how to facilitate and design learning programs that ensure results back at work. Using examples from a variety of industries and organizations, you will see how the Accelerated Learning approach can facilitate deep learning and build skills, shift mindset and develop critical and innovative thinking. Discover ways to make each learning minute count and expand the learning beyond the classroom. Leave with proven tools to surface and work with enablers and barriers to learning, ways to facilitate needed change and the key factors that will ensure you achieve the impact you want!     

Leigh Ann Rodgers CPF

Creative Business Development, LLC

 Test Drive 5 Activities for Group Engagement


From the moment you walk into this learning lab, you’ll be immersed in experiential activities that teach you how to engage participants and increase the impact of the training. Learn how to stimulate discussions, open and close sessions, get real-time feedback and energize a room. Then, brainstorm with fellow facilitators about how to adapt these activities into your existing training courses.

 Speaker  Talent Development Information

Mark Donnolo Sales Globe

The Innovative Sale


Too often sales organizations develop strategies and solutions for the customer that repeat the same old practices, lack new ideas, and leave them vulnerable to the competition. As markets become increasingly competitive and buyers understand more about what they’re buying, sales organizations have turned each year to possible answers in selling a “solution,” “spinning” the sale, or “challenging” the customer.


The problem is, whatever the new sales process, the sales team goes through the same old thinking patterns.


The Innovative Sale trains sales organizations to think differently. Based on Mark Donnolo’s years as a designer in New York and undergraduate education at University of the Arts in Philadelphia, the Innovative Sale takes a creative thinking process and principles from the creative world and teaches sales people how to apply them to real sales situations. The results are differentiated customer solutions and a competitive advantage.

Lisa Owens 
Training Design
Strategies LLC
Leaders-As-TeachersundefinedStarting, Growing, Succeeding


Harness the power of the Leaders-as-Teachers approach used by 76% of top leadership companies. Leaders-as-teachers is an approach that can help build adaptive organizations to meet the demands of today's competitive marketplace.
In this session learn to identify how learning professionals are key to the success of a leaders-as-teachers approach, assess the readiness of your organization for starting and/or growing a Leaders-as-Teachers approach, and explore ways to help your leader-teachers succeed.


Leaders as Teachers Blog

ASTD Webinar on Leaders as Teachers

Buy the book (eBook and Paperback)

Dr. Rupinder Kaur

 Leveraging Learning from Learning Solutions Conference (Lscon 14)


From designing learning to measuring analytics, from Google Glass to Creative Commons, whether you are a novice at using learning technologies for your training initiatives or a pro, this session will introduce you to the latest in technology driven development in your organization.

The session focuses on key takeaways from Lscon 2014 and will enrich and arm the participant to apply the learning in their own context.





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Hotel Information


Guest Room Rate of $149.00 per night. Click here to reserve a room.

Click here for directions to the hotel. Directions_NWMarriott.pdf 



Cancellation Policy


If cancellation should become necessary, ASTD Atlanta's receipt of written or email notification is required ten (10) calendar days (July 26) prior to the conference. You may receive a full refund up to and including the 10th calendar day before the conference. If you find that you cannot attend and it is less than ten (10) calendar days before the conference, you may send a replacement with written or email notice to ASTD Atlanta. If you are unable to send a replacement, you forfeit your registration fee.  





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