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ATD Atlanta Chapter -- Volunteer of the Month

As you hear us say frequently, we could not provide the great programming we continue to offer up for our chapter members without our amazing team of volunteers. We appreciate the difference this army of willing servants makes and to bring greater awareness to all chapter members of the important role that volunteers play, in 2017 we initiated the Volunteer of the Month Program. Here are a few things you should know:
  1. For each name listed here, there are literally dozens more volunteers that also contribute to the chapter, some in public ways and others more behind the scenes.
  2. Each month our Executive Board meets and discusses volunteers that have recently been going above-and-beyond to climb some formidable mountain or rise to a significant challenge that has made a difference for our chapter, our members, or in service make our amazing leadership teams’ jobs just a little easier.
  3. Here is the brief list of criteria used by the Executive Board for selecting our Volunteer of the Month:
      • The Volunteer of the Month is a current chapter volunteer that has demonstrated a “can do” attitude, a team spirit, and the willingness to go above-and-beyond.
      • Volunteers currently serving as a board member of either the Executive Board or the Board of Directors are not eligible to be Volunteer of the Month. (Rationale: Our board members constantly go above-and-beyond, but also have a more public leadership role with visibility on the website and very public recognition at our December meeting each year. We set up this award to honor the many additional volunteers that help carry the load to make our chapter greater!)
      • A previous Volunteer of the Month winner is not eligible to win again for a period of one year, but in most cases will not be considered again for 2-3 years to share the recognition with as many other volunteers as possible.
      • We appreciate the difference each and every volunteer makes!

2020 Volunteers of the Month

 Month Volunteer  Month  Volunteer 
 January                 Juanita McDowell July  Stephanie Smith
 February  Rose Zurawski August  Emma Nickles 
 March  Joumelide Pierre September         
 April  Chris Rogers                                                    October   
 May  none November   
 June  Shermaine Perry December                                                                                                                     

2019 Volunteers of the Month

 Month Volunteer  Month  Volunteer 
 January                 Jana Smith July   Andrea Goodwin        
 February  SJ McMillan August   Beth Grella
 March  Consuela Wilson September         Sonia Matthews
 April  Rosemary Jean-Louis                             October   Dov Jacobson
 May  Nora Cloonan November   Ericka Butler
 June  Jim Hogan December   Zack Hudson

2018 Volunteers of the Month

 Month Volunteer  Month  Volunteer 
 January Brett CampbellJuly  Rayna Henderson
 February Carl WareAugust  MaryKaye Wilcox
 March Rich BeaudrieSeptember  none
 April Cathy BrownOctober  none
 May Beverly LitfieldNovember  Allison Baldwin
 June Sharmelle BrooksDecember  Alli Naybors

2017 Volunteers of the Month

 Month Volunteer  Month  Volunteer 
 January  Jan Gillies July  Polly Thombley
 February  Justin Hackney August   Scott Szymanski
 March  Ilse Ballay September   Chris Rogers
 April  Nora Cloonan October   Selena Adkins-Richardson
 May  Tom Kuhn November   William Gurley
 June  Deborah Covin Wilson December   Jon Thompson