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President's Corner

Happy September!

Unbelievable that the summer is almost over! I hope you have managed to enjoy your summer by spending time with family, friends, and also took time for personal and professional development! For example, my last week was highlighted by a group facilitation engagement, the ACE conference, and tubing with my family down the Chattahoochee! What a great week! 

Let me focus in on ACE for a moment. If you weren’t there, wow did you miss and incredible event! We had the CEO and President of ATD, Tony Bingham as our morning keynote, and Bill Treasurer as the afternoon keynote, plus a talent development Leadership Panel at the end of the day. But that’s not all! There were three sets of concurrent sessions, an exhibition hall, fantastic raffle prizes, a book sale, a silent auction, and even more! What a fantastic event! I’d like to thank ACE Director, Andrea Goodwin and her team for doing such dedicated work for our members. The following is a list of the volunteers that made ACE come together this year:

Andrea Goodwin
Aaisha Pelemo
Allison Baldwin
Anita Bryant
Ben Battell
Beth Grella
Bill Gurley
Brett Campbell
Cathy Pearson
Chris Rogers
Christy Vallance

Claudia Brogan
Cornelius Niel Dowdell

Don Bolen

DeLisa Rodney
Dov Jacobson
Eydie Castro
Jon Thompson
Jenn Moore
Jim Hogan
Joumelide Pascal
Karen Eugenio

Lakisha Brooks
Leigh Ann Rodgers
LK Davis
Mannett Foster
Marissa Munroe
Monica Hines
Neha Shingane
Nohemi Howell
Nora Cloonan
Polly Thombley
Raven Williams

Richard Fletcher
Robb Bingham
Sarah Harvey
Sonia Matthews
Stacey Payne
Stephanie Jackson
Tierra Nesbitt
Tommy Prince
Tonette White
Tony Wichowski
Zack Hudson

Thank you all! 

But wait, there’s more coming still this year. Check out this list of upcoming 2019 events:

September 10: L&D CoP (Webinar): The Power of Training on Leadership Conversation

September 19: L&D CoP (Live) Mind Mapping 

September 26: Learning Tech. CoP (Live): Bring the Script Writing Secrets of Hollywood to Your Training Courses

October 2: Prof. Dev. CoP (Live): 5 Steps to Building a Strengths Based Culture

October 8: Chapter Meeting: Organizations that GET IT! Measuring Success

October 16: Career Development CoP (Live): Presentation Skills from Toastmasters

November 12: The ATD Greater Atlanta Trainer Showdown

December 3: Chapter Meeting: Laugh More … Stress Less

December 2-6: Employee Learning Week!

To all of you wonderful members of our chapter and to all that volunteer in any capacity to make these things happen, thank you!

Warm regards,