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2020 Greater Atlanta ATD Mentor/Mentee Information Program

Starting in 2020, Greater Atlanta ATD will begin our mentoring program. The mentoring program is designed to help members develop and grow from one another. Mentees will have an opportunity to discuss, receive honest and constructive feed-back and get access to the information, knowledge and experience from a seasoned L&D professional.  Mentors will have the opportunity to reflect on their own practice, enhance peer recognition and gain personal satisfaction through supporting the development of others

Mentor Program Advisor: LaKisha C. Brooks, President-Elect
Co-Advisor: Allison Baldwin, VP of Communities of Practice


Program Application

To apply for the mentoring program, please click the link below:

  • As a Mentor
  • As a Mentee (submissions now closed)

Program Requirements


  1. Must be an ATD member
  2. Must be in good standing with ATD
  3. Must be willing to commit to the program 9 months
  4. Professional in transition, student, young professional,
    those looking to develop their professional career


  1. Must be an ATD member
  2. Must be in good standing with ATD for at least 1 year
  3. Must be willing to commit to the program for 9 months
  4. Those looking to help develop others, CEOs, VP, Executive
    or ATD Board member
  5. Time Commitment: Approximately 8-10 hours per month


  • Application submission period: October 2019-December 2019
  • Orientation start: January 2020
  • Program start: February 2020
  • Program end/graduation: November 2020 

How pairs are put togetherMentors/Mentees are put together based on their application and behavioral assessment (DISC)

Other factors:

  • Commonalities
  • Goals
  • Behavioral/Personality
  • Hobbies


Once pairs are selected, we will host a mandatory orientation/meet-and-greet on January 28th from 5:30pm-8pm, where we will go over the program, address expectations, and conduct a mini-workshop.  The mandatory orientation/meet-and-greet agenda includes:

  • Pairs meeting each other
  • Going over rules and regulations
  • Behavioral/Personality Workshop
  • Explaining end of mentorship capstone


Pairs will meet once a month, but can meet more if they like. Meetings can take place virtually, face to face or telephone, but we do encourage at least one monthly face to face meeting.

Quarterly Meetups

Pairs will have three face to face group meetups to talk about how things are going, to network and have additional face to face time with each other. These meeting will last 2 hours.

Dates of Meetups

  • April 21st: 6pm-8pm
  • June 23rd: 6pm-8pm
  • September 22nd: 6pm-8pm

Exact dates, times and location will be provided in the coming months


Mentees will complete the following assignments related to some of ATD’s competency model.

  • Assignment 1  --  Job Shadowing: 
    • Task: Mentee will spend at least 2 hours with mentor learning their role and what they do.
  • Assignment 2  --  Topic: Learning Technologies
    • Task: Identify a current ILT within your organization and convert it into an e-learning
    • Resources: PowerPoint, Gamification, Authoring Tool
  • Assignment 3  --  Topic: Evaluating Learning Impact
    • Task: Identify a training course or program you have created, or plan to create, for your organization and use Kirkpatrick's 5 Levels of evaluation to measure the potential impact of the program or course
  • Assignment 4  --  Topic: Change Management
    • Task: Identify a new tool to use to improve a process within your organization
  • Assignment 5  --  Topic: Training Delivery
    • Task: Prepare Capstone presentation
  • Capstone  --  Create a 10-20 minute presentation

Mentees will be asked to journal to chronicle their experience to help with their capstone project.


Mentees will have to do a short presentation about the program and present their final presentations.  There will also be a “graduation” for the mentees.

Program Application

To apply for the mentoring program, please click the link below:

  • As a  Mentor
  • As a Mentee (submissions now closed)