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A word from the President re: this time of COVID-19

We’ve just completed our second week of serious efforts to slow down the widespread effects of the coronavirus. The restaurants have closed, certain shelves at the grocery stores are continually empty, the lights are off at the local gym, and traffic here in Atlanta has literally vanished. The vast majority of our workforce has relocated to their private residence and Is now conducting business from the kitchen table. On Friday, April 3, Governor Kemp formalized the social distancing plan by issuing an executive order to shelter–in-place. So, how are you doing in all of this?

In a very short period of time, the landscape of business has changed dramatically. And yet, the principle needs of our leaders, teams, and associates remain the same. Issues, such as productivity, motivation, employee engagement, performance improvement, crucial conversations, unintentional bias, and conflict resolution are alive and well. In other words, the role of learning and development has become even more critical to the success of businesses and organizations. That’s because vast swaths of the business world are now operating virtually, while vigorously attempting to remain profitable.

The ATD chapter of Greater Atlanta is ready to meet this challenge and continue to serve our members. In an effort to ensure the safety of everyone involved, all of our program offerings have been moved online. Your leaders at ATD Greater Atlanta are energetically and enthusiastically developing and repurposing events to deliver valuable training resources just in time. As you read through our website, you will see a variety of webinars being offered. Don’t delay in securing your place, as we are seeing a significant uptick in the number of people registering for these webinars. You can read all about our programming on our Events page.

This global crisis has thrust many individuals into a job transition. We are making plans to hold virtual networking meetings, as well as provide training on resume writing and interviewing skills. Whether you have a job opening or are looking to find a job opening, check out our Job Listing page. If your job has changed or your position has required you to up-skill in a particular area, the ATD Talent Development Capabilities Model can serve as a detailed roadmap for your personal development plan (PDP). Take advantage of some unexpected downtime to make a personal assessment and create an action plan that will carry you into your next exciting assignment.

We are going to get on the other side of this. And we will be changed. Who we become in the future will be directly influenced by who we are now, towards each other. Let’s actively and creatively engage this challenge and be part of the engine that brings about a bright new day!

Built to Serve,